How to build your first game using Unity

Was-sup guys, hope everyone is safe & sound, please stay indoors & do interesting things and cultivate new habits. 💃

So the craze for gaming started long back, actually decades back. So in early 2ks I was extremely fond of gaming and used to spend hours in Gaming centers and it just grew like an endless creeper… Later to CS background and in a corporate job, now almost close to a decade of IT life, I feel it’s high time I spend time to unleash the gaming monster inside me, not as insane gamer though but rather as a Game Dev 😄


Wait! I have seen this before…
Yes indeed what we are going to see is a tweak over the existing LEGO Microgame tutorial. We will be covering the basics of a Unity IDE, how to add new objects, make it work, adding enemy health, adds on to make the game feel much much more better and indeed sticking to a real amateur story line using conversations. So without much delay, lets start.

May 14, Morning

Felt its time to give game development a try, I had previously purchased a few learning materials on Unreal, but the idea to go ahead with Unity popped all of a sudden after watching a few videos of Jason Weimann for past few days (Thanks to you for making me jump to a conclusion)

By noon I had setup my mind to start and downloaded unity and started navigating around basic tutorials. It will be much better if I paste the necessary links & images then and there I feel, so we will proceed in that manner.

⬇️ Unity :
⬇️ Getting started️ :
One thing to remember is you will be asked to signup & it’s free… So go ahead.


Installation was done & LEGO Mircogame selected for further exploration.

Once it loads, you will be seeing a nice IDE with lots of tools present 😎 and of course preloaded scenes & content on the screen. Just click play & give it a try to see what’s already cooked. You will see something like the preview I had posted in the beginning.

Contents are getting cooked…
Will be updated soon, check in 24hrs pals, thank you.

So to adieu part, I am equally an amateur like you all(pros please forgive).
Its all beginner stuffs and definitely it takes a lot of time for us, but its the interest and persistence which will keep the fire burning.
Stay in touch pals and keep an eye here for new releases :

Thank you guys for your valuable time spend to read this article. Cheers.

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